Sunday, February 28, 2010

"To Dance with the White Dog" White Dog Contest

To celebrate Terry Kay’s Friday night presentation FOSL sponsored a white dog contest on Saturday morning. Over 20 “white” dogs came in various forms of white including white, tan, fawn, red, brown, black and mixtures of all of these shades of “white”. All of the dogs played nicely and everyone else enjoyed a really fun time.

The winners were White Dog - Romeo, Tan Dog - Skeeter, Big Dog - Patches and Small Dog - Axel.

Alex Neely donated a professional photo shoot to Romeo, the White Dog 1st place winner. Anne Mincey, from Pet Portraits with PURR-sonality!, donated silhouettes to Skeeter, Patches and Axel. FOSL thanks both for their lovely donations that will be enjoyed for years by the winners’ families.

Though 4 dogs were selected for prizes, all are winners in our hearts!

Photos of the event and all of the beautiful dogs have been posted to the website and can be viewed at

Terry Kay - Author of "To Dance with the White Dog"

Terry Kay, author of bestseller "To Dance with the White Dog" and other acclaimed novels, spoke to a audience of FOSL supporters on Friday evening at the Smyrna Community Center. The crowd of nearly 100 thoroughly enjoyed his mix of humor and heart touching stories. A book signing followed the event.  FOSL sincerely thanks Mr. Kay.

FOSL also extends it gratitude to Jean Bowen and her students from Chattahoochee Tech for volunteering to manage the food preparation and service during the reception.

Photos of the event have been posted to the FOSL website and can be viewed at

Smyrna Public Library Releases January 2010 Statistics

Monthly Report - Library Statistics for January 2010
Days Open: 29

Adult Books: 5,222
Juvenile Books: 5,554
Paperbacks: 1,248
A-V Materials: 7,267
TOTAL: 19,291
Average Daily Circulation: 665.21
Daily Average Change from January 2009: + 0.6%

Total Attendance: 23,091
Daily Average: 796.24

Total Questions: 1,101
Daily Average: 37.97

Meetings and Programs in the Library: 29
Library Card Registrations: 312
Total Library Cardholders: 38,214
Total Cataloged Library Materials: 95,427
Titles: 88,255
Voter Registrations: 5
Interlibrary Loans: 4
Times Patrons Used the Internet: 2,320
Wireless Laptop Circulation: 149

Smyrna Public Library Releases 2009 Annual Statistics – Over 272,000 Patrons Served

Annual Report - Library Statistics for 2009
Days Open: 353

TOTAL: 230,464
Average Daily Circulation: 652.87
Change from 2008: +8.9%

Total attendance: 272,062
Average Daily Attendance: 770.71
Change from 2008: +2.1%

Total Questions: 11,627
Daily Average: 32.94

Meetings and Programs in Library: 515
Library Card Registrations: 4,161
Total Library Cardholders: 37,948
Total Cataloged Library Materials: 95,265
Titles: 88,137
Voter Registrations: 19
Interlibrary Loans: 49
Times Patrons Used the Internet: 30,189