Monday, March 1, 2010

Pastels by Sandy Jane Tabor Opens in Art Gallery

On display until April 30, 2010

Artist Statement:

Sandy is a Georgia native, born in Atlanta and residing in Marietta. She attended the Univ. of Ga and graduated from the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta. She moved to Brittian with her family as a young teenager and began her love affair with art while in Europe. "Every weekend we would be at some famous art museum. I noticed how huge some paintings were and how tiny others were. When I viewed the paintings up close, I was amazed to see that those colorful, random strokes of paint, became a mostly dark and gray picture of someones face from far away.”

While backpacking solo through Europe and Greece as a college graduate, she continued her visits to the beautiful places of the world. Sandy has traveled as far north as the Artic Circle, as far south as Brazil, as far east as Iran and as far west as Hawaii. She raised three children who are now in college themselves , a son at Univ. of Alabama, another son at Florida State University and a daughter at Kennesaw State. They have all been subjects in her paintings. "My children have taken my more serene paintings to school with them. Those that they can retreat into during their hectic student days."

Sandy has studied under local artists David Mathews, Gary Baughman, Ann Cockerill and Chris Didomizzio. Her preference in mediums is pastel. "It is very similar to coloring with crayons and is very soothing to use. Art is like therapy to me. It helps to make sense of the world."

The art galleries at the Smyrna Public Library are sponsored by the Friends of Smyrna Library.

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