Saturday, May 1, 2010

Painterly Refacimento and Four Studies by H. Gay Allen Opens in Art Gallery

On Display Until June 30

Artist Statement

For May and June the art gallery will feature a solo exhibit of photographic art by H. Gay Allen, entitled "Painterly Refacimento and Four Studies". 

The work begins with Ms. Allen's original photography and through various elaborate processes, is transformed into original art work and displayed, via pigmented print, on archival paper. The main body of work is 17 large photographs that have been altered in a painterly fashion. In addition, studies exploring four subjects are presented: Flamingo Moods; Peonies Perfect; Sunsations; and Pieces of Water.

The process was dubbed, by the New York Times, as refacimento (ree-FATCH-e-men-toe), the radical refashioning of a work of art, by use of a computer. Some works are recognizable as the original objects, some are mysteriously familiar, but not readily identifiable; and others have been taken beyond recognition.

The art galleries at the Smyrna Public Library are sponsored by the Friends of Smyrna Library.

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