Thursday, September 1, 2011

September-October Art Gallery Exhibit Announced by Smyrna Public Library

Smyrna Scenes by Debra Cook on display through October.


I am an observant human being. I find delight in the small moments of life - when the light dances from a surface or the shadows make an interesting shape on a structure. Nature holds boundless interests as does the “common and ordinary.” My favorite medium is pastel and my favorite genre is historical fiction. When I can paint and combine the two, it can be magical for me! I am pleased and proud to paint landscapes and cityscapes that capture our heritage as southerners.

Smyrna Sanity Series

I love living in Smyrna! It is the best of both worlds. Smyrna is near the “big city” and yet maintains a small town feel. I have chosen to paint some of my favorite places and I have chosen to paint them in an energetic style. Having visited Smyrna all my life and having lived here now for over 25 years, I have seen many changes. I hope you enjoy my attempt at capturing Smyrna “then and now.” This body of work is dedicated to my husband, Jim, whose support seems endless.

Deb Cook has studied pastels for 5 years. Studying steadily with artists Marsha Savage and Karen Margulis, Deb enjoys painting plein air (outdoor air and light) and participating in various workshops. Deb also belongs to an artist group known as the Art Spirits who have traveled around the south and to Wyoming on painting expeditions. In 2010, Deb opened a gallery in Nest Home and Garden with fellow artists Paula Landry and Barbara Kincaid, the gallery is formally known as The Drawing Room. Deb is a member of the Southeastern Pastel Society and teaches young artists at Pace Academy. Her work is owned by many local residents and businesses in the state, hangs in the youth building at Smyrna First United Methodist Church and in Pace Academy. An Atlanta native, Deb has lived in Smyrna, GA for 25 years where she and her husband, Jim, have raised their three children. Deb is currently the Learning Specialist at Pace Academy where she has taught for over 30 years.

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