Friday, March 1, 2013

Mixed Media by Jackie Chapman Exhibit Opens In Display Gallery

I received my specialist degree from West Ga. College in special education in 1989 and retired in May 2005 after 29 years where I worked as a teacher, educational evaluator and program coordinator for Douglas County Schools. I have been married to Robert Chapman for 39 years and we have one daughter, Rebecca, who is married to our favorite son-in-law, Mitch.

I began exhibiting my crafts at shows in 1980. I’ve worked with many different types of crafts and media including tole painting, soft sculpture, sewing, and woodworking. I have always had a love of pottery. After taking classes from a dear friend, I purchased a kiln and some clay in 2000 and started on a journey that would be more fulfilling than any other media with which I have worked.

Each piece has its beginnings in a 25 lb. bag of stoneware clay and is hand built or hand thrown and then decorated with flowers, leaves, birds, frogs, turtles and glazes. My inspiration comes from nature, whimsy and just about anything that I come into contact with. My subconscious is always looking for a way to translate the things I see into pottery.

My pottery is a little different in that I bring a crafter’s background to the pieces that I make. I find it difficult to make a plain piece of pottery. It has to have something attached to it! I enjoy making pieces that are unusual in some way or bring a smile to your face.

Whether you’re browsing or would like to purchase a little something for yourself or a friend, I hope you receive as much pleasure from my work as I had in its making.

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