Wednesday, October 2, 2013

2014 Murder Goes South Presenter Bio: Pamela V Mason

Pamela V. Mason is a hybrid native of New Orleans and Mobile, AL … two sister cities that are so alike, they polarize each other like the north and south ends of magnets. Much like Pam… and Pamela.

At WriterMason Productions she promotes her clients books on Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Goodreads, and any other appropriate sites that specifically draw romance readers. She offer other avenues of promotion like contests, Tweet chats, Google + Hangouts, and Facebook and Goodread chats, and if her client feels really adventurous, she will brainstorm some other ideas out of the box.
Her idea of romance writing-Drag Queens pitted against Azalea Trail maids with some N'Awlins paranormal and Mobilian southern gentility thrown in. Pamela currently resides outside of Atlanta. If you'd like to make contact her email address is

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