Friday, January 3, 2014

Watercolors Exhibit by Lynn Henry Opens in Art Gallery

Artist Statement:

Growing up in Minnesota, Lynn Rank Henry took every art class her school provided. After moving to Georgia and working for years at Georgia State University and then Coca-Cola, her lifelong interest in art pushed her to harness her creative urges and paint.

She loves to travel and has spent many years exploring the United States, Canada, and Europe. Through her travels, she has gained an appreciation for diversity in people, cultures, architecture, and nature. She savors the painting process and picks up her paintbrush as often as she can.

At this time of her life, Lynn is primarily a watercolorist focusing on landscapes, cityscapes, and portraiture.
Lynn's love of watercolors allows her to grasp diverse and unique moments that reflect her love of nature and people. She feels watercolors are much like visual poems, and loves watching the paint melt into the water and thaw the stiffness of the paper.

She is currently attending classes at Kennesaw State University's Continuing Education Program where she met Asa Stigaard. Both artists strive to create paintings that reflect their travels, that are powerful in their visual beauty, and that resonate in some emotional way with the viewer.

Lynn is influenced by masters such as Winslow Homer, John Singer Sargent, and Andrew Wyeth.

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