Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Designs in Glass Exhibit by Thom Lillie Opens in Display Gallery

Lillie Glassblowers is a father and son glassblowing studio based in Smyrna Georgia who creates beautiful hand blown works of art and engraved-glass awards on a daily basis. Don Lillie acts as the company patriarch, presiding over basic operations.

But Thom has the most enviable position being (for lack of a better term) genius in residence. His job is producing phenomenal amounts of salable works in sheer numbers in addition to drafting the design of some of the most unusual and unique hand blown glass art never before seen.

Thom Lillie could be found anywhere in Atlanta, conferring with a client, rushing a delivery, stopping by the studio to brainstorm, or possibly chatting with one of the stream of fascinating people who stop by the studio and are enthralled by the whirlwind inside.

Thom’s father Don described the work environment best saying “If you get bored in our group, you would get bored in the middle of a tornado.” Thom and Don have produced some amazing art pieces that truly capture his artistic passion."

On display until January 3, 2015.

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