Saturday, November 1, 2014

Pebblebrook Chamber Orchestra Opens "Dinner With Destiny: Meet Mr. Lincoln" With Concert Performance

The Pebblebrook High School Chamber Orchestra performed night and gave a concert introduction the "Dinner With Destiny: Meet Mr. Lincoln" event.  

The crowd was impressed with their talent and professionalism during the 45 minute performance during dinner.  

FOSL extends special thanks to the students who did an absolutely outstanding job and to their Orchestra Director J. Rae Litowich. 

The six students who participated tonight are:

Destiny Lowe: Violin, Senior
Ania Lizzeth Rivera: Violin, Senior
Jonah Haney: Violin, Sophomore
Leah Johnson: Violin, Freshmen
Jermaine Jenkins: Viola, Senior
Paisley Cass: Viola, Freshman
Shanelle Thomas: Cello, Junior

We look forward to future performances from the Pebblebrook High School Chamber Orchestra.

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