Monday, January 5, 2015

Modern Art by Moise S. Semexant Opens in Art Gallery

Haitian-born artist, his style proved to be very unique among the contemporary artists. This is one of the reasons that he has been highly recognized by many art curators and art lovers alike in a variety of countries including, Haiti, France, England, Holland, Trinidad & Tobago, Spain, the United States, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic.

In fact, the meticulous manner in which the Atlanta-artist blends the vibrant colors seems to spontaneously invite gallery goers into a world of light and shadow, where geometric forms and beauty create a high sense of internal freedom, love, and peace. These are many of the artistic touches that Moise has been applying in his works and which prompted many experts and critics to salute him as one of the emerging master artists of modern art. Others even went very far in proclaiming Moise as William Blake of modern age.

If you wish to purchase any particular piece, please contact the artist through his email address or telephone ( / 404-825-8641).

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