Thursday, March 19, 2015

FOSL Announces 85 Volunteer Opportunities

FOSL announced 85 volunteer opportunities today as part of its 2015 Volunteer Service Program.  The roles include leadership positions, program committee support, technical jobs, teen service hours and help with the Jonquil Festival book sales.

The Board of Directors is being expanded and candidates for 7 new positions are being sought.  Individuals who sign-up for program committees will have the option to lead them or participate as a contributor. Immediate technical needs include graphic artistry and technical writing. Many of the roles being filled can be performed independently from home. This gives people with busy schedules who want to volunteer new ways to contribute much needed assistance.

FOSL encourages and supports community service for college-bound teens. Depending on your student's community service requirements we can develop a service program for him or her. Duties can include: computer research and documentation development,
working during the Jonquil Festival book sales, co-managing a FOSL event, social
media promotion and more.

The annual Spring Jonquil Festival book sale is April 25 and 26. 60 Volunteer jobs are available.

FOSL is 100% staffed by dedicated volunteers. Their participation ranges from weekly duties in the library to once a year support for an event to ensure its success. We value each and every hour of their support.

Thank you for your volunteer interest! Please click this link to see the job postings.

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