Thursday, June 11, 2015

Author Steve Snyder Presents "Shot Down"

Author Steve Snyder gave a book talk last night on his recently published, award winning work, “Shot Down,” the story of the author’s father, Howard Snyder, and the crew of the B-17 Susan Ruth, shot down over Belgium in WWII.

Mr. Snyder recounted the fascinating story of the five out of ten crew members of the Susan Ruth who survived the crash and were taken in by Belgians who risked their lives to hide them from German soldiers.

As one recent reviewer noted “stories like the ones in Shot Down revive the past, give it new life, and offer a link between the heroes of yesterday and the men we now call “Grandpa.” Steve Snyder’s extensive research, careful storytelling, and humane treatment of his subjects make Shot Down a must-read for anyone with an interest in this gripping period of American history.”

Mr. Snyder’s appearance was sponsored by the Friends of Smyrna Library.

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