Monday, January 4, 2016

Oils and Acrylics by Devin KOLbY Painting Exhibit Opens at Smyrna Public Library Art Gallery

The January/February art gallery exhibit for 2016 opened today - Oils and Acrylics by Devin KOLbY. Devin’s exhibit is on display until February 28. The art gallery is located on the 2nd floor of the Smyrna Library. The art gallery exhibits are sponsored by the Friends of Smyrna Library. 


Devin KOLbY, the Artist of KOLbYcreations was born March, 1991 in Atlanta, Georgia. Devin KOLbY’s passion for creativity started at an early age. He played the Double Bass in the school Orchestra from 6th grade until his senior year where he held the position of 1st chair. His musical talent extended to playing piano into enjoying all genres of music. KOLbY’s interest took a detour towards photography and visual editing. This led his pencil to pad and he began sketching and experimenting with watercolor and other art mediums. While away in college his passion for art grew and as the stroke of his paint brush filled with acrylic colors met the canvas the self taught artist KOLbY, was created.

In 2011, Devin KOLbY unfortunately struggled with depression that resulted in his suicide attempt. Through, divine intervention he survived life support and today he’s on a journey to recovery. Devin KOLbY and his mother are advocates for suicide prevention and together they are erasing the stigma and sharing information with the hope that one day there will be services, resources and support for this unrecognized, unrepresented group, Survivors of Suicide Attempts. Through his traumatic experience, KOLbY’s now, creating with a renewed sense of life and perspective. In 2015, KOLbY, will continue his education and enhance his creative abilities by enrolling into art school.

KOLbY’s, detour has come, full circle and evolved into remarkable art, photography, music and living. He’s artistically influenced by Basquait, Warhol, KAWS and Dali. He’s inspired by color, life and energy. KOLbY’s abstract Creations include mediums of acrylic, oils and mixed media.

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