Monday, March 6, 2017

FIRST SUNDAY LECTURE: New Photographic Acquisitions: The SACC History Committee Historical Images Project

Yesterday’s program at the Smyrna Public Library was narrated by local historian Dr. Bill Marchione and photographer Charlie Stannard.

Arts & Cultural Council (SACC), has been at work for several months now and has assembled a huge collection of previously untapped  historical images, mostly drawn from the pages of the old Smyrna Herald and Smyrna Neighbor, weekly newspapers published between 1962 and 1994, and from other sources as well. 

These photos are being deposited in a topically organized historical file that already contains about 1500 images. The more than 100 images were organized around 16 themes in local history and presented today.  This, it is hoped, will be the first of a series of such programs featuring the photos.  

The First Sunday Lecture series is sponsored monthly by the Friends of Smyrna Library and Smyrna Library.

Photo: Belmont Hill Shopping Center, circa 1954. When it opened on Atlanta Road it was the largest shopping center in the southeastern US. From the collection of Bill Marchione.

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