Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Photography by Diane Watson Exhibit Opens in Art Gallery

Diane Watson is an award-winning photographer from Duluth, Georgia and from the World. Diane has spent much of her career (starting at age 8) shooting travel photographs which document the contrasts between people and their environment. She is always in search of hidden gems and funky images. Her photos have captured the beautiful and not so beautiful on five continents.

Being a survivor of Hurricane Andrew, Diane offers her services as a photo inventory specialist for home and business owners. She is currently writing a book which will help home owners and small businesses avoid a financial disaster after a natural disaster.

The images of Cambodia in this exhibit were taken in January 2012. Cambodia is a nation attempting to recover from the devastation of the Pol Pot Regime. These photographs capture the contrasts between the very rich and the desperately poor. The Cambodian people are beautiful in spirit, and always greet you with a bright smile no matter what their circumstances.

Also included in this exhibit are images from the Atlanta Botanical Garden as well as photographs of Dale Chihuly’s colorful glass sculptures in the Seattle Center.

Please enjoy the bright and colorful images from Diane Watson!

Contact Diane at or 770-309-4924

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